Niagara Falls, Ontario
Sunset Memorial Charters

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Price List

Sunset Memorial Charters

Boat Rental For Niagara Region

$359.99 + tax

Boat Rental For Greater Toronto Area

$399.99 + tax

All services will be provided a Certificate  Of Sea Scatter that includes the Latitude & Longitude of the site's location.

Geo tagging is available for $29.95


Roses (12 Single)

$59.99 + tax

Options may include whole fresh cut roses, or a basket with petals 

Flowers from Casket Sprays or Wreaths may be used as well

Clergy or Celebrants


$75.00 + Up


$149.99 + Up

Biodegradable Urn Selection

Seashell Water Urns

$299.99 + tax

Our Seashell urn gently floats for a few moments before submerging into the water, and then releases your loved one.

Journey Pillow Urns

$229.99 + tax

Our Journey Pillow Urns are elegant, as well as very easy to use.


This urn floats for a few minutes, then gently ‘swims’ downward before opening up and releasing the cremated remains of your loved one.

Scattering Tubes

$99.99 + tax

Our scattering tubes create an biodegradable option for families compared to the cremation containers provided by crematoriums.

This easy to use design allows for a no fuss option of memorializing a scattering service.

Gelatin Urns

$229.99 + tax

100% Biodegradable Gelatin Urns floats to their final resting place, allowing your loved one to rest peacefully at their final destination

Sand Urn

$179.99 + tax

Our Sand urn is designed to float for a few moments before submerging in the water, and dissolving. 

Rental Urn

$59.99 + tax


This is for ceremonial purposes prior to being opened for a scattering on the water.

Commemorative DVD

A beautiful slideshow playing with Classical music in the background during the service.


$229.99 + tax

A single DVD containing up to 150 photos of your choosing. Also includes photos and a recording from the charter

Additional DVD

$29.99 + tax

Bagpipe Services

Complete your tribute with a piper on the pier


$175 + tax

Music Selection May Include

Amazing Grace

Skye Boat Song

Highland Cathedral

Going Home

My Home

Geo Tagging & Record Keeping

Certificate Of Sea Scatter FREE

These are also available to families that would like a printed certifcate including a photo taken during the service to help commemorate a loved one lost.

Latitude & Longitude FREE

This is also provided to the family at the time of service to allow them a record of the exact location they were at for the service

Geotagging $29.95

We provide families with the option of Geo tagging the sites location on the water, and save that information for future generations.