Niagara Falls, Ontario
Sunset Memorial Charters

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Cancellations & Rebookings

Sunset Memorial Charter

is subject to cancellations, and rebooking charters depending on the weather, and high, or low tides. 

We do our very best to stay on top of current weather patterns, however you may be notified 48 hours prior to a service that we may need to either change the time, or place of the service. 

This is truly a unique experience

All services are subject to a non refundable 35% deposit. This allows us to save the date for you, and begin processing your service request. 

Storage Requirments

All urns, and cremated remains held in trust to us will be transferred directly to a licensed Funeral Home for safe keeping for up to 1 year. 

A fee for storage will be applied to your account at $1.00 per day

Payment due in full prior to storage.